Unit 8 - Information and Argument

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Persuasive Essay Links - Click to launch the article for your topic.

Pro – Con Links:
1. Click on the "At Issue" link for your topic.
2. View the video clip and select 2 articles from each view to read.
3. Determine your claim. Which side do you favor?
4. Use the selected articles to identify support for your claim. Why do you favor the side that you do?

Homework: Should homework be eliminated?
At Issue: Homework
ProQuest LLC 2012; Lexile Score: 1130; 5K, SIRS Issues Researcher

Paying Students for Grades: Should students be paid for good grades?
At Issue: Paying for Grades
ProQuest LLC 2012; Lexile Score: 1130; 6K, SIRS Issues Researcher

School Uniforms: Should students be required to wear school uniforms?
At Issue: School Uniforms
ProQuest LLC 2012; Lexile Score: 1270; 6K, SIRS Issues Researcher

Cell Phones in Schools: Should cell phones be allowed in/used in schools?

At Issue: Cell Phones in School
ProQuest LLC 2012; Lexile Score: 1260; 5K, SIRS Issues Researcher

Bullying: Are school's anti-bullying techniques successful?
At Issue: Bullying
ProQuest LLC 2012; Lexile Score: 1230; 5K, SIRS Issues Researcher

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Unit 8 Review

Reading Practice Links:

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Fact & Opinion:

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