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Table of Contents


1/31- Reviewed grammar concepts. Took Unit 3 Grammar Assessment

HW -Read your novel


2/1 - Snow Day
2/2 -
2/3 -
2/4 - Vocabulary Quiz - List #7, final drafts of short stories were due and collected, finished reading Interactive Reader non-fiction selections (mural/memorial or community service articles), and took quiz on selections.

HW - None
2/7 - Received New Vocabulary - List #8, learned the difference between connotation and denotation, Reviewed inferencing, Began to read "What Do Fish Have to Do With Anything" in textbook & gathered clues about the character of Mrs. Markham.

HW - List #8 Crossword Puzzle, Read your novel
2/8 -
2/9 -
2/10 -
2/11 -